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FOX Black Label Bankware - Cam Lok<sup>®</sup> Powerpoint<sup>®</sup> 36in

FOX Black Label Bankware - Cam Lok<sup>®</sup> Powerpoint<sup>®</sup> 36in

Termék ára
9 760 Ft
Akció: 9 450 Ft
Kezdete: 2018.09.10   A készlet erejéig!
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We recently heard someone say that the stainless look is so last year and its not hard to see why when you take a look at our incredibly sexy new Black Label range of bankware!

So what exactly is Black Label we hear you ask? Black Label took 18 months of development and is a range of bankware that is constructed from chunky aluminium that has an anodised black coating. Not only does it look stunning but it has also been designed to be incredibly practical as well; with every single item designed to work together as a complete system.

The chunky black-look; combined with no thumb screws and subtle logos that are stamped into the aluminium itself make this range a thing of beauty. However, as we said previously the range is about far more than just looking good, so please read on...

ROD PODIf ever a piece of fishing tackle could be described as a work of art then it would have to be the eye-catching Black Label Rod Pod. Created from solid aluminium with a geared leg mechanism; the principle of the pod is very similar to that of the Quattro II pod, however this version is much lighter and more compact. In addition the pod is designed to work with the Black Label Bansticks (which in turn work with the Black Label Buzz Bar range and Conversion Kit) meaning that once you own four banksticks and two buzz bars you simply need to purchase the frame of the pod and a conversion kit to create a complete rod pod system. This not only saves you money but also space as you will not need to carry around a set of banksticks and buzz bars plus a whole rod pod setup too!
FIXED BUZZ BARSThere are three different Fixed Buzz Bars in this range; which are the 2-Rod, 3-Rod and 3-Rod XL (extra wide). The really do look the part and are sure to appeal to tackle tarts due to the build quality and design of them. As with the Adjustable Buzz Bars these fixed versions also work with the Conversion Kit to be transformed into goal posts that will work on their own or in conjunction with the Black Label Rod Pod.
(CBB001, CBB002, CBB001)
STAGE STAND INSERTThis handy 3ins insert allows you to fish with the front of your rods just 3ins above a platform meaning that your tips can be as close to the waters surface as possible. Due to the thumb screw on the Stage Stand you can slightly raise the Insert inside and then lock it into position should you require a little more clearance.
BANKSTICKSThere are six different sizes of banksticks in this range all of which are adjustable allowing you to arrange your setup into the position that suits your exact needs. As with the Adjustable Buzz Bars they feature a handy collar and thread instead of using a thumb screw. The thread is then tightened down onto a collar which grips the inner tube of the bankstick securing it in place.
(CBS001, CBS002, CBS003, CBS004, CBS005, CBS006)
CONVERSION KITThe perfect kit to transform your Black Label buzz bars into goal posts.

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